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" All designers are not created equal. Neither are developers. Just like doctors. Some are better than others."


Leasing Software Design and Software Development


A Comprehensive, Global Design

Based on our success in developing leasing  software since 1983, XeC possesses a unique view and approach to designing leasing software ( in fact, we in the process of seeking a patent for it). An overview of the business process areas is shown below:

We can work with your IT team to advance a design that will take you into the future, where new finance products are easily handled.

High-Impact, Short-cycle Programming for Rapid Deployment

Do you have software projects that never seem to get done because of all the other IT projects ? Or are you told 'we can get to it in six months' ? Do you have a business concept that cannot wait ?

XeC's people  have worked with C++, Java and Oracle, SQL Server.

XeC uses a proven approach of:  Problem Definition and Analysis > System Design / Functional Design > Functional Specification > Workflow Specification > Output Specification > Iterative Coding and User Feedback > Prototype Review > Unit Testing > Final Version

We use a team approach where analysts, designers, coders, testers and users work closely together to ensure a usable, accurate product.

XeC has experience with RAD ( Rapid Application Development ) and PADD ( Parallel Analysis, Design and Development ) to achieve short delivery timelines.

Ask us to quote on your project. We can assign a 'SWAT Team' to solve the problem quickly.

Involvement in Leasing

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  XeC professionals have been serving the financial and technology industries for over 23 years, specializing in financial software design, lease education, and wireless technology commercialization.  Since 1983, XeC consultants have installed over 458 leasing systems in 22 countries.          

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