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The successful XeC approach to understanding leasing lays a foundation for the beginner that is also applicable to other forms of financing as well as system design, testing for quality and consulting.

The methods proven in the live classroom have now moved to the Internet so that more people can advance their knowledge and skills to become more productive.

With the online Courses, you can realize the following benefits:

  1. Your people can  'attend' at their desktop; less valuable work time is lost
  2. The cost per person per program is less than traditional classroom programs
  3. Train new people as they join your team; don't waste your experienced people's time
  4. Review topics that cause the most problems; repetition is known to reinforce difficult concepts
  5. No travel expenses to attend the classes

Do It Alone or Do It with a Group

Once you register, you can sit at your desktop, download the Course syllabus, listen to the lectures, submit email questions, attend scheduled teleconferences and take the exam ... all at your own pace.

The Course materials are available online 7 x 24.

If you register with a Group Class AND commit to the Course timetable, you can also attend twice-weekly scheduled teleconferences with your Group and take the exam

What Level of Experience Should You Have ?

The Curriculum was designed to take a person with no experience in leasing and no background in accounting and make them conversant in leasing and asset finance issues. That is the CORE curriculum.

To go further in depth and into special issues,  we offer the Advanced Curriculum.

For truly 'experienced' leasing people, we offer Special Topics for which we can alter the level of experience needed.

Blend Our Courses with Your Internal Training for a Tailored Program

Mix and match our Courses with your own training sessions. To create your tailored program, you can:

(1) use our Standard sessions under your private label
(2) selected Standard sessions plus your sessions ( which we can help you create )
(3) request Custom sessions

Want to set up your own school ? We can help.


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  XeC professionals have been serving the financial and technology industries for over 23 years, specializing in financial software design, lease education, and wireless technology commercialization.  Since 1983, XeC consultants have installed over 458 leasing systems in 22 countries.          

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