March 14 2005  For Immediate Release

Contact:  John Voytko

(724) 861-9953



XeC Forms New Group to Address the Use of RFIDs and Wireless Sensors for Asset Management


( Irwin, PA)   XeC, a provider of software expertise and educational programs to the leasing industry,  has formed a new technology group to focus on the increasing application of RFIDs and Wireless Sensors in asset management. The group will analyze the business possibilities and ROI  and then design and implement  the appropriate technology.


New to the XeC team are Alex Miskov, formerly of Yellow Global Logistics,  and Dirk Lee Kalp, formerly of Idapta. Mr. Miskov, an electrical engineer,  has 32 years of experience in global operations with Yellow Global, Ryder Logistics and General Electric. Mr; Kalp, a Carnegie Mellon computer scientist,  has 27 years of leading edge application development with Idapta, Carnegie Mellon’s School for Computer Science Defense projects, and PERQ Systems.


“The potential cost savings from applying RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks is significant,” stated John Voytko, President of XeC, “The emerging wave looks a lot like the initial wave of PC use. Applications need to be written.”


Michael Pochan, CEO of XeC, added, “This is about gathering and processing data that has never been accessible before in such a cost effective manner. It should change things dramatically for some lessors and asset finance companies, especially in maintenance and condition logs.”


Kalp, the lead technologist, offered,“ The wireless sensors are low power and are of limited instruction set. This means that new software must be written under TinyOS to get them working. Having existing Java programs is of no use. And they must be programmed to work in a cooperative network.”


Miskov added, “The technology works. We help the business folks determine what data they need and how to get there.”

Companies interested in learning more about RFIDs and Wireless Sensor Networks can contact John Voytko at 724-765-0002 or  mail to:  URL: .


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