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February 23, 2005
Oracle Preaches Single Global Database for Leasing Industry, RFID Use Grows Rapidly, Patch Mgmt. Software

November 16, 2004
Location-Aware Computing, New Financial Dashboard for Cisco Capital

June 24, 2004  HR Briefing
Technology Training Tax Credits, Use of Distance Education Continues to Increase

May 26, 2004  Briefing
Build vs. Buy + How is Six Sigma Relevant? + Like-Kind Exchanges for Lessors.

March 23, 2004  Briefing
Programmers with Domain Experience Have Productivity Edge +  Rethinking the Software Life Cycle

February 24, 2004  Briefing
Seamless Computing + BusinessWeek article "Will outsourcing hurt Americas supremacy?"

February 11, 2004  Briefing
Special Issue (Technology & Marketing) - Study of U.S. Leasing Software Market has a Unique Perspective + Off-the-Shelf vs. Customized vs. Configured Software What is the Future of Leasing Software?

February 9, 2004  Briefing
Special Issue (Technology & Education) - University of Pittsburgh GSPIA Educates Working Adults in Macedonia/Europe via Internet

October 6, 2003  Briefing
Self Healing Systems, Internet-enabled Business Process Backing Productivity

September 18, 2003  Briefing
Small Sensor Computers, Workarounds #1 Legacy System Investment

August 20, 2003  Briefing
Latin America, Search Engines

July 25, 2003  Briefing
WiFi, Sale of Alltel's Info Services, What will happen to IDS/InfoLease


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