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" A company's brand is NOT determined by how they market or what they spend. It is determined by the satisfaction of their customers. "


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XeC is fortunate to have excellent customers who are always willing to work with us and teach us their business ( from which we learn to better solve their problems ). We always accumulate each project's knowledge and experience to use in the next project.

Success comes from a relentless commitment to staying in-scope, on-time and on-budget and a unique working relationship amongst the teams.

University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Policy and International Administration

When the University of Pittsburgh's GSPIA won a contract to educate the future leaders of Macedonia, it was clear that the travel costs of sending professors to Skopje was not feasible. Prof. Dave Miller sought an Internet alternative, but the  eLearning platforms seemed too expensive. We analyzed and presented the various alternatives for conducting courses online, including considerations for bandwidth. The final choice was "talking head video" plus videoconferencing done live and archived for future reuse.  View it at Online Examples. Estimated savings of Travel Expenses = $ 80,000.

a Big Four accounting firm

When a Big Four specialty practice wanted a one-day crash course on leasing, we re-examined our Leasing Curriculum and created a nine-hour overview. It would prove to give the attendees a comprehensive perspective on leasing so that they could be conversant and serve their customers better. They requested confidentiality for competitive reasons. Estimated savings versus standard industry courses = $22,000


NCR Credit International

NCR Credit concluded that handling its own product financing across Europe would give greater control over the financial outcome. But, the expected equipment volumes warranted a PC based system. And all internal support would be in Dayton, Ohio. We partnered with NCR to launch systems in the UK and France that complied with local taxation and consolidated local currencies to U.S. dollars. Estimated savings based on software discounts = $ 34,000.

a European software house

A European software house was eyeing the U.S. asset finance market. They had software that was successful in Europe, but were unsure how it would sell in the U.S. We subjected their software to our testing and Functionality Scorecard and we profiled the leasing software market for them. They could assess the development needed to play in the U.S. market, and they could see that the U.S. software market was crowded. We delivered the presentation via videoconferencing and CD ROM. They requested confidentiality for competitive reasons. Estimated savings versus hiring a Big Five Consultant = $ 55,000.


Ford Credit Europe - FSL Pan-European Program

FCE wanted to launch a new full service leasing product to its Dealers across Europe, but they did want to spend large sums and wait for internal mainframe development. Plus, they had committed to an OS/2 PC platform and wanted to utilize it. The original project scope was to install 14 countries in 27 months ( meaning 14 different sets of accounting and taxation rules  !!! ). Local business output had to be in the local language. The Denmark operation was selected as the pilot project. Four (4) months was the aggressive timeframe. The project was on-time, on-budget and won a prestigious Ford award which was presented by Edsel Ford himself. Estimated savings for average country = BPS 130,000.

 Der BMW im Originalzustand.





BMW Financial Services USA

No major auto finance company in the world had ever operated entirely on a PC network. BMW FS used a main frame service during startup but the flexibility to offer regional pricing to their Dealers was not available. And they had to use two different systems, one for loans and one for leases. BMW wanted pricing and subvention flexibility. And they wanted the benefits of PC technology. It was perceived as a great risk, but it worked. We provided a single LAN based system that met their needs. Their flexible Dealer pricing was so well received that they exceeded their year 1 quota for financings by 200%. Two years later, we also helped them securitize their portfolio by creating software tools to streamline the process.. for $500 million dollars worth of receivables. Estimated savings by using a LAN platform = $340,000.

AT&T logo



Avis Leasing Canada, later AT&T Capital Canada

No major full-service fleet leasing company in North America had run its operations on a PC network before. Avis Leasing Canada, being a self-sufficient subsidiary of Avis in New York, was suffering from the typical mainframe development: everything took 12 months to do and cost too much -- even simple reports. The Managing Director looked at our system and how we could modify it, met our people, and cancelled the mainframe development ( cost saver #1 ). Some of his IT people were retained to do the data conversion of 18,000 vehicles. When they estimated 12 months to completion, he fired them and asked us for a timeframe. "Three months" we replied, not knowing he had fired the IT staff. Estimated savings solely by replacing the IT staff = $ 110,000.


Taco Bell

Taco Bell Finance

During its rapid expansion in the 1990s, Taco Bell assisted its franchisees with financing for the restaurant equipment. One bright CFO realized that corporate could lease the equipment to the franchisee and reduce their payment, reduce their balance sheet debt and defer sales taxes paid to conserve short-term cash.


Dresdner Kleinwort Benson nee Wasserstein

Kleinwort Benson was a massive, complex investment bank and financier before Dresdner Bank bought them. They had successful financing programs for all types of assets. They were extremely innovative. They wanted to expand into 32 countries. They needed a software development team that could keep up with their marketing actions. We replaced their mini-computer system.


Varilease Logo


The owner of Vari-Lease had given his controller a system budget. We could not do the job correctly for that amount of money, so we declined the project. The controller was taken back by our honesty and lobbied his boss for an increased budget.


Carnegie Mellon's Tepper Business School MBA Program

The Business School's Executive Education department wanted to launch a five-day  eCommerce program. Problem was that few staff understood this new paradigm.  We stepped in to manage the program and market it through our channels. The first two  programs sold out. An additional session was added. The increased revenue was estimated at  $ 325,000.


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