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"You will be amazed at the experience we have in teaching to the leasing industry. It reflects our idea that to serve a customer best you must understand their business... not just 'what' they do but 'why' and 'how'. It builds your value."



Successful Courses

Offered In-Person and OnLine



Traditional Classroom

OnLine Leasing School

In industry and academia, XeC's people have taught successful courses to adults with  varied levels of education. 

Traditional Courses

These courses were taught in the traditional classroom setting:

  • The Market Entry Program for Leasing, an 18-hour course to educate and train bank personnel in Pricing, Operations and Accounting for a new lease product launch
  • LeaseManag-r System Training, a 20-hour detailed training course for lessorís personnel in use of software for Pricing, Operations and Accounting
  • LeaseTek University, a 32-hour internal indoctrination for all employees to fully understand how a leasing company works and how the software provides solutions. It included the technology platform as well.
  • Business Process Analysis, a 4 hour Carnegie Mellon exec ed course to teach managers how to analyze and improve their business units

Digital Courses

XeC is at the forefront of teaching online with the following successes:

  • 46-880 Entrepreneurship, a 28-hour graduate level course for Carnegie Mellon's Institute for ECommerce Masters students; 12 students off site in Connecticut 'attended' lectures on their schedule by viewing the class videos via the Internet
  • One-Day Crash Course for Leasing, a 9-hour rapid-pace overview of leasing to train a Big Four accounting firm's LKE group
  • University of Pittsburgh GSPIA Macedonia Project, a Master degree curriculum to provide live interactive lectures from Pittsburgh to Macedonia for educating members of the Macedonian government.

To view examples, click on "OnLine Examples". You must have a broadband connection to adequately view the digital video.


Teaching Experience

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  XeC professionals have been serving the financial and technology industries for over 23 years, specializing in financial software design, lease education, and wireless technology commercialization.  Since 1983, XeC consultants have installed over 458 leasing systems in 22 countries.          

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