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XeC is a uniquely experienced team in the leasing industry (since 1983) that:

  • evaluates and assesses leasing software systems

  • educates developers, consultants and others on the pricing, operational, accounting, taxation and international issues of leasing

  • designs and specifies software

  • codes special programming projects

The XeC team wrote and installed over 451 leasing systems in 22 countries, handling all of the cultural, monetary, tax and accounting issues. As a software house, we dealt daily with the issues of software, hardware, networks, new technologies and technology deployment. In addition, we had to structure training programs to educate our software users and our own people.


A Unique Perspective

XeC people are technologists AND experienced businesspeople. The key partners are engineers with MBAs who have been in the asset finance and leasing industry since 1983.

XeC people designed, developed and supported one of the most comprehensive global lease origination, administration and accounting systems. We have distilled and translated the essentials of financial business processes for software developers, consultants and others who want a fundamental basis for their training.

Our key people have taught working adults at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business both in the classroom and online. That insight and experience led us to creating a comprehensive training program with an intimate understanding of leasing / finance companies.



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Involvement in Leasing

  XeC professionals have been serving the financial and technology industries for over 23 years, specializing in financial software design, lease education, and wireless technology commercialization.  Since 1983, XeC consultants have installed over 458 leasing systems in 22 countries.          

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