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The LFG conversion entailed the transfer of 719,987 micro ticket contracts from an Infolease system to an in-house Oracle-based system.

Project included:
* prelim data cleansing
* Contract data conversion
* Transaction history conversion
* Document imaging transfer
* In-house system enhancements

Timeframe: Targeted for a 12 month conversion; accomplished in 9 months

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When you need  25+ years experience... with leasing systems... plus software design and evaluation...    and FASB changes...


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"Conversions are never easy. Anyone who says otherwise never did one."















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Here is what we do:

1. Evaluation of Leasing Software  Functionality and Usability

We have written leasing software for 25+ years , so we know all the issues, the limitations and the 'tricks of the trade'. We have seen over 150+  RFP's and over 30 systems.

We use a Leasing Software Scorecard to numerically and consistently evaluate any leasing system against the industry norms and the industry's future.


2. Assessment of the Impact of the New Lease Accounting Standards

We have faced before the task of converting a lease portfolio from Operating Leases to Finance Leases. We understand the FASB accounting implications and the impact on your Balance Sheet.


We even wrote software to do this automatically, and preview the effects of the change.


3. Software Design and Architecture

We have designed and developed leasing and lending systems for:

  • vehicles and equipment

  • Leases and loans, fixed and variable interest

  • lease asset securitization

  • full maintenance and full service programs

  • experience in agile development methodologies

  • Globalization consulting

4. Portfolio Data Conversions

A conversion is always full of surprises, and cooperation from the original system vendor / creator is always at a minimum. Vendors and Developers each design their own database structure, and rarely do the twain meet. And many times it takes a 'detective' to deduce what the code is doing.

We have "been there, done that" over 40+ times. We just finished a conversion of 760,000 micro-ticket leases !


5. Distressed Lease Portfolio Valuations

If you have a portfolio and aren't sure what is in it, we can analyze and verify the existing assets and value what remains. We know what to look for.


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Our key clients include BMW Financial Services, Yamaha Credit, Taco Bell Finance, Ford Credit Europe, Heidelberg Print Finance, and Kleinwort Benson
  XeC professionals have been serving the financial and technology industries for over 23 years, specializing in financial software design, lease education, and wireless technology commercialization.  Since 1983, XeC consultants have installed over 458 leasing systems in 22 countries.          

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